Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rain is Better than a Hurricane.

Can we say rain?  We should be thankful for everything.  I'm thankful that we are not experiencing a drought, nor hurricane.  Needless to say, the rain only curtailed my social life slightly this weekend.

Cajun Stitchery now has new, professionally printed, business cards.  Let me tell you those cards are so beautiful that even the printer wanted to know who designed them.  Of course, they were designed by my dear friend of nearly 30 years, Valerie.  George has cards and I have cards and we are handing them out to anyone we see.  There will be plenty of cards are the arts & wine festival.

Saturday night I attended my monthly Nereid meeting.  Actually this month it was our bunco party.  It was a wonderful time, with wonderful friends, playing an absolutely ridiculous game, that requires no intellect at all.  My kind of game.  We had the usual culinary marvels for dinner.  Isn't it amazing that all of my friends seem to be exquisite cooks, even my husband.  Cajun Stitchery business cards were placed on each table.
Sunday was bath day for the dogs.  Yes, I bath them indoors in the tub.  Yes, they are spoiled rotten.  But they are adorable.  Little Stinky is 14 years old now and getting hard of hearing.  Sometimes I think she simply doesn't feel like hearing.  She sleeps a lot more these days and plays less.  She can still outrun the 10 year old Lab, Evie.  Evie is much to heavy for me to pick up and put in the tub, so we've taught her that if she gets in the tub, a cookie will be waiting for her on the furthest side of the tub.  Once she realizes it's bath time, she dashes to the cookie jar, gets our attention and jumps in the tub. We close off all of the doors that we can and let them shake.  Then, of course, it's time for us to clean house.  This whole process does take up a day, but it's worth it.

George has informed me that he has run out of fabric for the wine coasters.  Wow!  And they are beauiful.  I'll be taking pictures and getting him more fabric.

Not everything that issues from Cajun Stitchery is a work of art.  Many experiments take place around here on many levels.  Attached are photographs showing why you should not embroider on patterned fabric, even beautiful patterned fabric, or if you do, why you should use a contrasting color thread rather than a coordinating color of thread.  Ouch!

Yes, more napkins.  This time for my friend's birthday.  I love combining pink and blue or coral and teal.  They are such a striking combo and pleasing to the eye.  Since she's our Nereid queen this year, she needed the appropriate crown motif on her napkins.
Amy's tote, from last week's sale, turned out so pretty.  Look at that SOB patch -- good job, George.  And look at the pretty Dallas Cowboys tote that Amy got for Elaine.  Amy had me embroider her initials. 

I can't wait to take photographs of the cute little t-shirts that we did today.  Wait until you see them.  They were done for a set of 5 year old triplets.  Too cute.

George surprised me today with a new, sturdier, EZ canopy and portable table for the arts & wine festival.  We are definitely going in style now.

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