Sunday, September 20, 2009

Shopping, Sales and Fabric -- Life is Good.

We finished the little t-shirts for the triplets. The first set had "I'm 5" on the front with the "5" done in applique.  The back had the child's name in a zig zag fill.  The second set was just for the two boys and was a design with two pumpkins, the moon and bats.  All turned out so nice and the customer was very pleased.  In fact, the "I'm 5" shirts were so cute that another friend wants one for her grandson who is 2. 

The next project was the beginning of the Christmas list for my friend.  She came to my house, sat at my kitchen table and had all of my catalogs spread in front of her.  I sat next to her on the computer designing as she was shopping.  What a fun time that was!  We finished the last of her Christmas list tonight.  They just need a little clean-up and folding.  She purchased two of the tote bags that we had on sale a couple of weeks ago and personalized the totes for the recipients.  We then waited on the other items that she ordered to arrive.  They have since arrived.  She ordered 2 waist aprons in navy and one medium apron in red, each has been personalized.  She also ordered 2 of the 2 in 1 Pillow Blankets.  Since the Pillow Blankets are made of fleece, we used a solvy topping to hold up the stitches (otherwise the stitching will sink into the fabric).  We now need to clean the solvy (it's a sheet of starch) off of the Pillow Blankets and finish folding the blankets into the pillows.  Everything turned out so beautiful.

I've been so busy with meetings and business lately that I had not realized that I haven't been shopping in awhile.  Not that that's a bad thing, but I do need to keep track of what our local stores carry.  You never know when you will find a hidden gem, or a great sale.  In fact, I did find a great sale.  I found the cutest little totes.  They are little 12" x 10 1/2" with a 3 1/2" gusset.  There are greens, pink and purple with contrasting colored straps, and little bows on them.  Some of the bows are in polk dots.  They are constructed of the recycled fabric like you see in Wal-Mart recycled bags and other stores' bags.  They are not as nice as the canvas ones.  Still they are adorable and a great find.  These will go on sale later this week, personalized, of course.  They really would be cute as a gift bag -- that little extra umph that says "you're special". 

A friend of mine asked that I get hand towels for monogramming.  The problem with that is in order to get hand towels at a good wholesale price, I have to buy upwards of 100 towels.  We don't keep much stock on hand, so I was thrilled to find a great sale on white hand towels on my shopping extravaganza.

I ended my shopping in a fabric department.  What a surprise.  Most of my friends know better than to take me shopping for fabric.  I am compelled to touch everything, not to mention that I will stand in front of fabric and simply daydream of everything I could make with that fabric.  Since we had finished the little halloween t-shirts, my eyes caught a sale with some cute prints in orange, yellow and blue cotton fabric.  I have been wanting to make some more kitchen tablecloths with some cute little heirloom designs in our stock designs.  I know.  I should have stuck with a solid color and a more conventional color than the bright oranges, yellows and blues, but my head was spinning.  The bolts of fabric did not look as though they had five yards on them, so I told the clerk that I would take whatever was on the bolt up to five yards.  Only the blue had five yards.  The clerk was so sweet and would measure one yard, two yards, and so forth.  When he got to the end of the bolt, there would be 6 inches or so left over and he just threw the extra inches in for free.  Usually they charge for each inch, so this was a really good buy for me.  I bought it all.  The clerk even asked me if I wanted the cardboard the fabric had been wrapped around.  Politely, I said "no, thank you."  I had everything I wanted.  As I sit here, looking at my wonderful fabric stash, I'm thinking of at least 50 projects that I want to do.

While shopping we also purchased a baseball shirt for a friend whose birthday party we planned on attending that evening.  We went home, monogrammed the shirt and we were ready to party.  He was so pleased and so were we.

Happy Shopping -- Christmas is right around the corner, get your shopping done now and save the season for pure enjoyment.

Cajun Stitchery

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