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Cajun Corner – Vol. 2, No. 29 – July 31, 2010

Cajun Corner – Vol. 2, No. 29 – July 31, 2010

Bon Jour! Welcome to Cajun Stitchery’s weekly email and welcome to our family.


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The next shipment of caps and visors is scheduled to arrive on Monday and Tuesday. George will be back at embroidering caps and visors for the upcoming Mystic Krewe of Nereids Splash Party on August 21st at Paradise Bar & Grill, beginning at 3 p.m. Hope Boudreaux likes these visors.

I worked with a young lady in Illinois this week creating handkerchiefs for her upcoming wedding. There was a lot of writing that she wanted embroidered on the handkerchiefs. Everything worked out well. There was a lot of adjusting to get the lettering and handkerchiefs to fit in the hoop. All is well that ends up well, and it did. Her lagniappe was a little hand towel that I embroidered with her name on it.

Now I’m working on the duffle bags. The customer ordered two of the duffle bags that were on sale a week or two ago. Both bags are black and they are for her two sons who are both in band in high school. Normally the embroidery would go on the zippered pocket but we decided that there is more room on the opposite side of the bags and the designs that we want are a bit bigger than will fit on the zippered pocket. I plan on working some more on the designs today but hopefully will have the bags completed by Monday.

With all of this wonderful work that we are getting, I haven’t had time to put anything new on Etsy. As George always tells me, do the paying stuff first. And so we are.

Today is the last day of July and the Christmas in July sale. Tomorrow I will change the prices on the sale items on Etsy back to the normal prices. If anyone is interested in these items, you better purchase them today.

George just reminded me that next weekend is our Mystic Lagoon spend-the-night party. That means I have several birthday presents to prepare. In fact, August is a big gift month. We just sent off birthday cards, plus a little something, for our two granddaughters. Their birthdays are a week apart in August. Nancy and I were that way, too. I was November 1st and Nancy was November 7th.

Don’t forget to visit our catalog website at It is very new and I’m sure there are glitches to it, but try it out and browse around and see if you like it. Let me know what does not work, what you like, what you do not like, and I’ll try to tweak the site. You are welcome to order from the catalog site. In fact, please do.

We are still getting bell peppers, green beans and I noticed some ornamental peppers are starting to form. Sassy has several small green fruit that will turn into luscious satsumas in a few months. We have a sunflower that bloomed this morning. The hibiscuses are beautiful this year. It is much too hot to do a lot outside at this time of the year. We do what we have to outside before 10 a.m. or after 3 p.m. There are some things that can be planted in August and we intend to do just that. We need to add a lot of dirt and compost to the tiers in the garden, as they have sunk down. The rest of the plants will need to be fertilized soon. The parsley is turning brown and we need to re-work that bed.

The article on ammonia that was included a few issues ago mentioned that ammonia mixed with water is one of the best fertilizers. You know I have to try that out.

Because it is so hot, George puts the sprinklers out each day. Thank goodness for well water or this would cost a fortune. I love to watch the sprinklers going because the birds all gather to take a bath and just cool off. We have a lot of cardinals this year and right now the females all seem to be gravid. The other day one little mama landed on a branch of our tomato vine and was so heavy, she broke the branch. She looked like she was about to pop. Today lots of little birds have gathered to play in the water. I love watching them but that pales to how much my cats love to watch them. Earlier today we heard a bang on a window and went to see what happened. I don’t know if the cat ran into the window trying to get the cardinal or if the cardinal slammed into the window.

We have also had a lot of lizards/geckos this year. The cats love to watch them through the windows. My cats have no front claws and are strictly house cats. Lately we’ve had a lizard that gets right up to the kitchen window and seems to taunt the cats. Oh, he is lucky the cats can’t get outside. They get in their pounce position, swish their rear ends, and there’s a lot of gurgling and deep sounds coming from those cats.

Yesterday Cajun Stitchery was closed. I attended a photo shoot for the Krewe of Nereids’ Splash party. Our Queen was in her beautiful Ariel costume, standing on a ladder in 7 feet of water. The rest of us were attired, shall we say, in various fashions, and seated around the pool, behind our Queen. Don’t miss this photo. It will be in the next issue of the Island Times. I’m the one in the yellow rain hat.

After the photo shoot we retired to the bar, where we entertained the morning customers with song and conversation. We toasted many people and had a thoroughly enjoyable time. George had to come get me and take me home. We retrieved my car this morning. Apparently several of the girls continued to party throughout the day. I know that I had some unusual voice mails on my cell phone this morning.

Christmas is coming and customers are starting to do their Christmas shopping at Cajun Stitchery. Get this out of the way as soon as you can.

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Boudreaux spotted Thibodeaux walking down the levee the other day, carrying a sack over his shoulder. Well, of course, curiosity got the best of Boudreaux, and he asked Thibodeaux, "Hey, Mon Homme, what you got in dat sack ?"

Thibodeaux said, "Mais, I got me some chickens in dat sack."

Boudreaux asked, "If I can guess how many chickens you got in dat sack, can I have one of dem?"

Thibodeaux replied, "Mais, my fren, if you can guess how many I got, you can have both of dem!"


French phrase of the week: Tu vas pas te marier avec lui! C'est de la crasse pure! (You're not going to marry him! He's pure trash!)



Onion all by itself is excellent to use as a poultice for soreness, swelling and bruises. In the case of an ear ache, cut an onion in half and make hash marks across the top to release the juice. Put it in the oven for a few minutes to heat up. Place the onion on the affected ear for as long as possible or until the pain subsides.

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