Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Creative Blahs

Getting back to regular sleep habits is not an easy thing to do, especially when you are a night owl like I am anyway.  Luckily for me, it doesn't matter if it is day or night, I can still embroider.

We had a pleasant visit from a friend today.  More hankies were ordered.  The white with the black polka dots.  The new black with the white polka dots doesn't seem to be as popular.  More red lips were ordered, as well as other things.

I've been playing around with the red lips tonight.  I cut a piece of the white sheer fabric that I purchased the other day, serged around it, and started with the red lips.  This piece of fabric is adorable.  It has all kinds of red lips with all kinds of expressions.  Lips truly can show expression.  Of course, the lips that were ordered were photographed and sent to the customer for approval.  There are a few questions about colors that I need answered.

I had taken the black tricot fabric with the white polka dots and cut a few to the size of hankies.  I then serged around the edges.  The first one I wanted to try the butterfly patch from the Sally pillowcases.  The patch was just too heavy for the very light tricot.  Then I took one and embroidered some of the tiny butterflies on it.  I'm just not real happy with that, either.  Then I took a design that I had saved sometime ago of a beautiful bird, very lightly stitched, almost a lace.  I embroidered the bird once in colors and once in white.  Still not real happy with that.  When the right design comes along, I'll know it.  Somehow it will awaken my creative juices and say "ah ha, that's it." 

I had hoped to list some hankies on Etsy.  I haven't listed anything on Etsy in several days.  It's like I'm having a lull in being creative. 

Dozens of caps arrived today.  The embroidery room is full to the brim with caps.  We need to get going on those. 

Remember that Monday is lawn and laundry and Tuesday is bookkeeping.  Guess who forgot about the laundry?  That's right, me.  Tomorrow must be everything day because everything must get done.

And I haven't even made my first scarf.  Poo yie!  I better get with it.

C'est toute mes amis.

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