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Cajun Corner - Vol. 4, No.18


Cajun Corner – Vol. 4, No. 18 – May 12, 2012

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This past week has been really busy.  We’ve had more than one rush job.  The rush jobs have mostly been logos on shirts and visors. 

Tigger went to the veterinarian’s this week for his appointment.  He is now on Prednisone.  Poor kitty.  He is eating and drinking but still has a mass in the back of his mouth causing the extreme salivation.  The vet thinks we should give meds and watch for awhile.  He doesn’t think this is life threatening.

Sam the puppy went to the vet this week, too.  He got his booster shots and weighed in at 50 pounds.  He is 4 months old.  The vet says he will be a monster.  I’m already calling him the Cracken.  On the bright side, he is a sweet puppy and very smart.  He has Evie on her toes and she loves to play with him.  Sam is must younger and faster than Evie but seems to have realized that she rules.  She can give him a look and he will lie down.  He will run circles around Evie and jump over her trying to get her to play.  It usually works but she just does not have the energy of a 50 pound puppy.  He loves to fetch.  Doesn’t always return the item but will certainly chase it.  We think he has A.D.D. because he will head out to fetch a stick and get side tracked by anything else in the yard.  Honestly, he is one of the smartest dogs we’ve had.  And we have had some smart dogs. 

My favorite dog story is when we had our little Cockapoo, Scruffy.  He was just a little dog, probably didn’t weigh 20 pounds at maturity, soaking wet.  As the years went by, Scruffy became blind, but that never stopped him.  He had a keen sense of smell and hearing.  When we moved from Orlando to Marietta, Georgia, there was a husky that lived next door.  One day the husky got out of his yard and was wandering in our back yard.  Scruffy went to our back door barking like all get out.  When we let him out he started running.  He ran into trees and bushes until he finally reached the big husky dog.  Scruffy leaped up and grabbed that husky by the throat.  Scruffy was completely off the grown, just holding onto the husky with his teeth and swaying back and forth.  Of course, we ran out to stop all of this.  Well, it was hard to run because we were laughing so hard.  The husky did nothing.  Once we got Scruffy off of the husky, the husky ran home.  As long as we lived in that house, if Scruffy went outside and the husky was in his back yard.  The husky would go to the other side of his yard. 

Yesterday George put some saucers of beer in the garden to help with our slug problem.  Later, I caught Sam drinking the beer.

Speaking of the garden, it couldn’t be better.  We are harvesting asparagus, broccoli, and carrots now.  The garlic is just about ready.  We have never had any luck with squash but we have some winter squash plants that are covered in flowers each morning and the watermelon plants are thriving.  We received the chocolate mint plant and it has been planted.  There is also an apple mint plant in the herb garden that I picked up at the store.  As for tomatoes, this year we planted some beefsteak tomatoes and hope they get bigger than a marble.  The pepper plants are growing but no sign of peppers on them yet.  The beans are growing but we need to plant a lot more of that and I’m thinking about planting butter beans.  We did get some sweet potato seedlings that we need to plant.  The garden is looking good.  Nasturtiums, snapdragons, salvia, and impatiens are all flowering.  Our irises and lilies are beautiful.  I love our garden.

The experimental garden where I planted the root end of the onions has some ups and downs.  The onions are growing very well.  In fact, these are the first onions I think we’ve ever gotten to bulb.  The celery was doing well but has disappeared.  It may be that it is just too hot.  Who knows?  The carrot tops are there but don’t look very happy.  The greenery of the carrots is just lying on the soil withering.  Did I tell you that ginger is growing in the experiment garden?  We have 2 ginger plants growing there and have no idea how they got there.

A friend of mine is going to be a grandmother for the first time in July.  The big news is that George and I are going to be great grandparents in August.  It is time to begin making baby clothes and items.  I’m thinking about blankets right now.  Both babies will be born in Central Florida.  It sure doesn’t get cold in Central Florida but then there is air conditioning. 

 This week I listed several handkerchiefs in our Etsy Store embroidered with the word “Mom”.  I’ll take them off next week.  If you are interested in purchasing one, you better get it now.  I guess the next wave of items will be patriotic.  I love red, white and blue.

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Bought a box of cheap dryer sheets at the dollar store (I think they literally cost me one dollar), put the oven racks in the bathtub, threw in about 6 or 8 dryer sheets, and covered them with hot water. For good measure I decided to pour in about half a cup of Dawn dishwashing liquid as well. I figured it couldn’t hurt. :-) I let it all soak for about 18 hours. (Although I’m sure it didn’t need to go that long.) Then with the racks still in the tub I “scrubbed” them with the dryer sheets and amazingly almost all the “gunk” came right off! For the extra tough stuff I used a scrub brush, and between the two, 99% of all the “gunk” was gone!

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Have a MOMosa for Mother's Day: 1oz Frangelico, 1oz passion fruit juice, top off with champagne or sparkling wine. ENJOY!


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