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Cajun Corner - Vol. 5, No. 58

Cajun Corner – Vol. 5, No. 58 – December 28, 2013


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This week’s Cajun Corner should be filled more with pictures than words.  It should, but you know that isn’t going to happen.

I sure hope every one of you and your families had a wonderful Christmas.  The week before Christmas, my son, Hank, called daily to see if his package arrived yet.  When it finally arrived we put the box under the tree.  Hank called, “You have to open the box.  I have to explain something.”  So, we opened the box expecting wrapped presents.  Oh no, there were two beautiful housecoats in the box.  What did he have to explain?  He just wanted us to know that the black one is for dad and the white one for mom.  That little dickens just couldn’t wait. But that’s not all.  He received our package and delivered presents to everyone on the spot – without waiting for Christmas.

I must admit that Hank takes after his mother.  For a long time I’ve said we need pre-Christmas presents.  Further, I think that is probably why advent calendars were started with gifts for the 12 days before Christmas.

Although this season, thank God, has been very busy with work, we did enjoy a pleasant dinner with friends early in the season, after the Christmas parade.  She had a bit of an accident early in November on her bicycle and we all teased that she should have training wheels.  Guess what we gave her for Christmas?  Yes, training wheels.

Early in the season was the SOB (Sisters of the Beach) brunch which, as usual, was a hoot. The Wednesday night Mental Health Night a/k/a MHN girls had a wonderful Christmas party.  The Nereids also had a fabulous Christmas slumber party.

Since the girls were all too busy to meet on the Wednesdays after the MHN Christmas party, George and I took one Wednesday night and went to Tippy’s Tavern for their prime rib dinner.  OMG!  It was fabulous.

Cajun Stitchery’s studio was decked out for Christmas.  Hopefully, it will be more decked out in years to come but I was very pleased this year.  Since the front door opens into the “living room,” we turned the living room into a show place for our wares, complete with Christmas tree.  Each day the Christmas lights were turned on for customers to enjoy.  As you walk through the front “show” room, through the kitchen and into our work room, we looked like Santa’s workshop.  Every stage of orders were hanging and stacked everywhere.  It was great! Thanks to our local radio station, Christmas music played constantly throughout the season.  I made a red Santa Sack with zebra print fur at the top.  That Santa Sack carried beads through the Christmas parade.  It carried presents and a change of clothes to the Nereid slumber party.  It was displayed in our workshop and finally was filled with George’s Christmas presents and placed under our tree for the big day.

During the season we had several repeat customers as well as new customers.  All are my friends now.  There were a lot of names embroidered on stockings; monograms on shirts; logos on jackets, and all sorts of wonderful gifts and embroidery.

On top of that, Etsy was booming. I got so tickled because I have an Etsy widget loaded on my android and every time we had a sale, I could hear “cha-ching” from my phone.  At first it kind of startled me.  Later I learned to love the cha-ching sound.  We sold Christmas items, mermaid stocking, laundry bags, placemats, and all sorts of thing.  The best seller, by far, were the handkerchiefs.  Some were for wedding showers and some for mothers and mother-in-laws.  Several of the handkerchiefs were monogrammed and several were not.  Oddly, none of the booger hankies were sold.  I guess that fad is over.  However, lace is certainly in.  This was by far the best Christmas season our little Etsy store has ever had.

We normally take down the Christmas decorations on George’s birthday, January 2nd.  This year the decorations were put away the day after Christmas.  Insofar as Cajun Stitchery is concerned, we need to move onto the next season … MARDI GRAS.  I have begun decorating but more needs to be done.  I’m taking this week between Christmas and New Years to build up our Etsy stock and fill more orders that are still coming in.  Yes, we already have krewe jackets to embroider.

In building up the Etsy stock, the first line of business is mermaids.  There are some beautiful new mermaid items available already. 

I have created a new baby bib design made on the embroidery machine.  This design has scalloped edges and is much more girly and heirloom looking than the other rectangular design.  The new bibs have not been listed yet.  In fact, I haven’t even taken pictures of them.  That will come in a later issue.  But remember the problem I had figuring out what to suggest for baby showers.  We have that under control now.

This is the week for making resolutions and I’m working hard on that, too.

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