Saturday, March 16, 2013

Cajun Corner - Vol. 5, No.10

Cajun Corner – Vol. 5, No. 10 – March 16, 2013


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There is not a whole lot to report this week.  Most of the week has been spent getting a customer ready to go to Texas.

A lady on Facebook did contact me to do some embroidery for her wedding.  She wants the groomsmen’s’ names embroidered on the cuffs of sleeves.  She is using the sleeves as gift bags.  How cute is that?  We will also be embroidering handkerchiefs for the girls.  I’ll meet with her on Monday morning.  This should be a fun project.

It turned out a good thing that we didn’t begin working on the bowling shirts.  The lovely bowling ladies changed their minds about the design and colors.  Now I’m waiting on a final decision.

The peas have sprouted in the garden but not a lot of other things sprouted.  We should have at least 30 sugar snap pea plants growing out there.  Yummy.

Today has been such a lovely spring day.  All I want to do it get out in the garden.  Maybe tomorrow will be garden day.  The dogs are enjoying the weather as well and are staying outside more than usual.  The cats, of course, don’t care one way or the other.  They are in their own royal world.

A friend of mine bought a cute little house on the beach with the intent of renting it.  When it is not being rented, she planned to spend some time there.  Before the closing on the house was final she had renters signed up through June.  She may not get to stay there at all, at this rate.  That was a really good investment.

My mama worked until she was 90 years old.  She, of course, had a career as a legal secretary until she retired.  Then she and daddy bought some quadraplexes in New Iberia and she managed that property until she was 90.  She prepared her own tax returns; maintained the property; and was the landlady extraordinaire.  She loved to play games and have activities that made her mind work.  I guess someone told her the mind was the first to go.

I am my mother’s daughter because I have no intention to ever stop working.  Cajun Stitchery is my retirement job.  It certainly isn’t as stressful as my career jobs were.  I sure hope that Cajun Stitchery lasts until I’m 90 or more.  Sitting on a rocking chair, rocking my life away is not a pleasant thought for me.

George’s father will be 90 this year and is still going strong.  We were concerned about him after Mom passed away earlier this year but he seems to be hanging in there and bidding his time.  George talks to him at least three times a week now.

A few days ago I received a delightful surprise phone call.  It was my son, Hank, calling to let me talk to my great granddaughter, Kayla.  I know that everyone heard her say, “Ba, ba ma, ba…”  I heard her say, “Hello, great grandmother, it is such a pleasure to talk with you.”  They thought she was biting and drooling on the phone but I know she was blowing kisses to me because I received each one of them.

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Although we now have a new Pope, the following was provided to me by Paulette Provost before the Pope was chosen:

Did you hear about the Italian Cardinal

that is on the ballot

for possible replacement of the Pope?

Cardinal Cicolla is said to be

the top man for the job.

I do not know that much about him.

Do you?

I was told that

if he should get the position in Rome

he will be known as

Pope Cicolla!

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